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What do you need to be a Photographer?

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What do you need to be a Photographer?

What do you need to be a Photographer?

What do I need to be a photographer and what requirements do I need to become a good photographer? What are my earnings as a photographer? Are there any specific motives in photography that I can most earn with?


What is important for a photographer?

As a Photographer you obviously need to know how to take pictures. A basic education in graphics would be usefull but not necesarry. But that’s not it, you also need to consider few things when taking a picture. For example – the environment or the people, how they look and how they fit eachother. You need to know about the equipment you are using, what their purposes are, especially about the camera you are using. Knowing everything can be usefull but that doesnt mean that you can automaticly take the perfect pictures.

What do you need to be a Photographer?


There are 10 things in the Photography you need to know about:

  1. Taking a picture
  2. Lightform
  3. Post processing
  4. Projectmanagement
  5. Network/Social Media
  6. Entertainment
  7. Make up
  8. Posen
  9. Cost accounting and legal
  10. Further education

What are the requirements to be a photographer?

The most important requirement for a photographer is creativity and a good look at details
You also need aesthetics. That is basicly sense of beauty. You need
a careful way of working. A good ability to observe and accuracy. Since you will be using ”Post processing” a lot, you need a good eye to see all the blemish and to edit them out to make a beautyfull picture.
willingness to learn, a technical understanding to perfectly use your equipment and customer orientation since you will work a lot with other people.

How do i become a good photograph ?

There isn’t a ”right” or a ”wrong” way to become a good photographer. There are a lot of ways to become a good photographer.
Get the right equipment: There are diffrent kinds of photographers. Depending on what kind of photographer you want to be, get the right equipment. You will probably need a few objectives for the camera and camera housing for diffrent sitiuation. You also need a high quality image editing software.
Know your equipment: You should know everything about your camera. What the diffrent buttons are and what all the sounds are that your camera makes.
Learn to use image editing softwares: You will almost use this everytime after a photo. It helps a lot to make a picture more beautyful. Change the lights, erase little blemish, edit out something in the backround if it doesn’t fit (etc…) .
Find your style: Test out diffrent kinds of Photography and look what you like the most.

What are the earnings as a photograph?

On the first education year you get around 600 – 700 €
On the second education year you get around 650 – 800 €
On the third education year you get about 800 – 1000 €
As a job you get statisticly around 1.500 – 2.500 €

Which motives do i like to photograph the most?

There are a lot of beautyful kinds of photography but my top 3 are HDR-(High Dynamic Range) Pictures, Makrofography, and Landscape Photography. All three are fascinating and stunning. They give a nice feeling when looking at them and also tell a lot sometimes.